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Since the beginning of time, the underground reservoir known as a “water well” has quenched the hearts and souls of many by providing refreshment, fellowship and nourishment for the weary. Naturally infused with minerals, the water at the source of the well runs deep; collective effort must be employed in order to experience its benefits.

The mission of Georgia Water Well, LLC embodies this same distinctiveness. As an established counseling and educational source we are committed to providing nourishment for the weary and resources for healthy living. The goal is to strengthen women and families by utilizing a 3-dimensional approach:

Our areas of expertise include:
·Postpartum Mood Disorders
·Postpartum Depression Education and Consultation
·Individual Counseling
·Couples/Marital Counseling
·Group Counseling
·Families In Transition
·Adjustment Issues
·School Based Concerns for Adolescents (academic and behavioral)

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